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About Me

I’m Stephanie Dotson, a virtual assistant handling essential background tasks that drive business success and growth, allowing clients to focus on their core roles.

With over 15 years of owning a cookie decorating business, I understand the challenges faced by creative entrepreneurs. Recognizing the importance of organization and efficiency, I hired a virtual assistant for my own business, a decision that proved to be the best for streamlining operations and freeing up mental space.

As my kids grew up, moved away, and began to multiply, I wanted the freedom to be available to them without sacrificing my income. This yearning to travel led me to pivot from being tied to a business that required me to be in one place all the time to a new adventure as a virtual assistant. Now, I’m committed to helping other creatives rediscover the joy in their businesses while enjoying my newfound freedom.

Thriving in tight deadlines and pressure, I bring great people skills, keen discernment, and problem-solving abilities. Beyond my VA role, I’ve actively taken on leadership roles in organizations like my church and large organizations like Samaritan’s Purse.

In our 30+ years together, my husband and I have relocated multiple times. We finally made it back home to North Carolina where we are settling into our little homestead.

Personality Results

Clifton Strengths: Strategic | Relator | Learner | Responsibility | Belief  
Kolbe Score: 7-5-5-3.    Myers-Briggs Type: INFJ-A (Advocate)

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